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Anonymous asked: /post/79702047802/i-didnt-forget-that-i-still-have-sims-to-make omg that hair is so beautifuuul, wcif? :((( I love that sim ):

The hair is from the amazing alesso, when I feel fine I will upload all the sims with their custom content! ;)

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Anonymous asked: HI Omg I Lovee your house for the midnight sun challenge! I want to live in there. Just wondering do you use a mod for your paintings, a default replacement? Thank you x :)

Thank you very much for the compliment, I’m happy that you like my crappy skills! xD For the paintings I use this mod! (It is my favourite)

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Anonymous asked: wcif the stuff above bed-side table, the books on the kitchen and the wall deco? /post/85898756147

The stuff on the bed-side table are: 1. rack of clothes from base game, 2. Lamp from Supernatural, 3.Shell from Island Paradise, 4. plant and candles from mutske (TSR) .

The books in the kitchen are from the store (I don’t remember if it was the bakery set or the grandpa set, but if you search in the deco category in the store you can easily find it) 

The wall deco in the bedroom is from Generation, and the one in the kitchen is from HERE

Have fun! ;)

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Anonymous asked: who do you allow onto your password protected sim blog?

I don’t have any sims blog protected, I only have one personal blog that is just for me… Anything worth seeing trust me…

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Anonymous asked: r u ded

Yes, I definitely am… Please mourn me, I need it T.T

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simzproductionz-deactivated2014 asked: I am trying to install the hq mod in my game. It works fantastically in create a sim, but once I get in live mode, the quality isn't so great. Any help? Has anyone experienced this problem before? Have you? PLEASE HELP! I WANT TO SEE MY SIMS IN HIGH RES >.<

I don’t know how to solve the problem, I had it once too but it was the Graphic Card and the only way to solve it was to buy a new computer with a higher Graphic Card… If anyone know something please reply to this message, or send a message to simzproductionz! Sorry for the “non” help! :(

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