stefizzi / posted on 26 September 2014

I need more options in short hair for female sims!
Expect more conversions!

-All colors included and works fine with hats

MediumLong - MediumLongWavy

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/ posted on 25 September 2014

Anonymous asked

Hi, was wondering what windows you use on your midnight sun house? They're all super lovely and your house is awesome.

stefizzi replied

Thank you very much!! :D 
Sometimes I still want to play with them, but the loading times just kills me! -.-

Btw, the windows are HERE and HERE


/ posted on 25 September 2014

Anonymous asked

Will your simself's house ever be available for download? Because it looks stunning

stefizzi replied

She (read I) was able to gain a lot of money, so the house is pretty much finished! As soon as I’m satisfied with the clutter (always the clutter sigh) I will surely share it ;)

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/ posted on 25 September 2014

gnidaaa asked

can you give me a password from sim Alba? pleeeeeaaaaaase

stefizzi replied

Since a lot of people are still asking for it, and some time has passed, I UPDATED THE DOWNLOAD LINK AND ALBA IS NOW AVAIBLE FOR ALL!

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stefizzi via alexs4cc / posted on 23 September 2014


MoveObjects on Cheat

by TwistedMexi

It’s here - MoveObjects on allows you to place objects where they would normally wouldn’t be able to be placed. The current version allows for placement inside of other objects and deletion of mailboxes via command. Objects can not be placed inside of walls yet.

The mod comes with two commands:
Toggle moveobjects:

tm.moveobjects on/off

moveobjects is on by default, but should you wish to turn it off at times, this command will let you do so.




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