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Hi, I wanted to upload something more interesting that I have created, but since the bump maps are still monsters, I am experimenting the easy way.
But the result is pretty nice, i think…. Enjoy the set, and feel free to tag “Stefizzi" if you use it, so I don’t miss your pics!
florantoie asked: Hi Stefi! I love the house Modern-Oriental, how can I download?

The house is open for everyone and is CC free into the gallery. With just one click you can add the house in your game! 

If you don’t know what or where the gallery is look here: CLICK

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Anonymous asked: Hello, I can't understand where the gallery is. Thank you so much :) -Lestat

ooo! The gallery is INTO the game! 
You have to open up your game, and connect into your origin account, and in the top right corner of the game you can see 2 postcards, if you click there you open the gallery, and then in the searchbox you can type Stefizzi (origin ID, or Hashtag) and you surely will find the house!

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Anonymous asked: is this Cross Top from TSR for The Sims 4 or 3?

Its for The Sims 4 ;)

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I am messing around with clothes textures while I wait for the objects… And This shirt just came out of nowhere. I hope you like it.I’ve tested it in game and it works like a charm, but for any issue feel free to message me. 
The only noticeable thing is that the shirt (all clothes) is attached to the skin so sims with small boobs will have a distorted cross shirt… We can think that fashion is not for everyone… xDD

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simleigh asked: Hey. Do you upload your sims to the Gallery? If yes, then what is your origin ID? I'd love to have such a nice neighbors. ♥

For now I’ve only uploaded one sim, I try to upload more sims if you like them :DDD 

My ID is Stefizzi by the way. Very easy to find :D

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A lot of testing went well!