Ink - A Midnight Sun Island

The island is meant to use for the Midnight Sun Challenge, love it, hate it, enjoy it. <3
-Click here for an aerial view of the world-

The world contains 4 lots:

  • 1 Residential Lot for your intrepid sim (35x33)
  • 3 Diving lots created by me (Level 1, Level 3 and Level 6)
Island Paradise is obviously required, because of my awesome diving lots, don’t ask me what will happen if you don’t have it… 
There are also almost all the spawners from all EP’s. And I suggest to add some fishing spawners in the principal lot (like I did, and it was a great idea so far xD) 
Last but not least… Use the nraas Register mod to get rid of all the crap the game generates. 
Spend all of your money on a PC to use it! ;)

(throw away your expectations)

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